Brain Speed is an engaging game that helps to improve your ability to think fast. Train your brain and have fun!


The game is very simple – all you have to do is tap on the numbers in a sequence as fast as you can. The numbers come in a variety of shapes, colors, arrangements, and motion patterns. Each level of the game is more difficult than the previous one. This will keep you challenged and entertained! The main indicator of how well you perform in the game is your Brain Speed Index (BSI). It shows your progress and allows comparing your performance to other players worldwide.

"I love to play brain games, and this one is absolutely amazing! Keeps me busy for hours. Great job on design!"

Nena Malecic

"Great fun! Got totally hooked up. Stuck on level 15 though... Full concentration needed."

UK chick chick

"Think you’re clever boy, don’t you? C’mon and prove it! Addictive game with a great potential to be on top, really."

Jackson Perkins

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